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I still want YG to adopt EXO just like he did to Epik High. EXO would be better off with YG.



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To Xiumin: You’re not fat. You’re perfect just how you are.
To Kai: Your skin color is gorgeous. It suits you well and it’s very attractive.
To Luhan: You’re not feminine. You’re manly and masculine, no matter what anyone says.
To Kris: Your drawings are adorable. Sure, they’re not the best, but they’re childish in a way that makes it cute.
To Sehun: Your lisp is super cute. Who cares if you can’t pronounce an ‘s’? It sounds cuter as ‘th’ anyway.
To Chanyeol: I love your little eye twitch. I think it’s adorable to see when you laugh.
To Suho: It’s okay to be afraid of things. I’m scared of a lot of things too, it just means you’re human.
To Tao: You’re incredibly handsome and the circles around your eyes make you look like a cute little panda.
To D.O: Your height is perfect just the way it is. I’m happy you’re not super tall, it wouldn’t match your face.
To Baekhyun: Your light dance was awesome, okay? Good for you for knowing how to party at home.
To Chen: You’re a great dancer. Sure, it’s not your strongest point but you’re still really good. I’ve watched you during the practice videos and you’re really good.
To Lay: It's okay that you're forgetful. We're not all born with photographic memory. It's okay to forget things.
To EXO: You’re wonderful people. You’re talented, kind, patient and you’re hard workers. I love you all so, so much and I never want anything to bring you guys down. You see insecurities, I see a beautiful, unique quality in you. EXO Hwaiting!
To everyone: If you ever think it's okay to make fun of someone for any reason, you're wrong. We're not all perfect and we all have some flaws. Get over yourself and don't you ever put anyone down.



i remember during wolf era the guys used to play, sing and dance on the stage all together after winning at M!Countdown, now that i see one single leader receiving the award i feel so empty idk what to think anymore

yea omg

how did this


turn to this


im just


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